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Website Design for Interior Designers

Designing for designers is an awesome responsibility. Every gesture is certain to be scrutinized by website visitors. The right balance between new and familiar needs to be struck. The design sentiment of the firm needs to come through, but above all the work of the firm needs to shine. These were all criteria that had to be met when Decorworx contracted Dijt to design and develop its website.

The Task

Decorworx is an award-winning design and fabrication firm for retail interiors, with particular expertise in grocery store interiors. While it has the capacity and capability of a larger shop, it prides itself for providing a personal touch. Its work stands apart from the competition for being more contemporary, and resulting from a more robust design process.

Dijt was tasked to create a site that was not only reflected these values, but one that could be edited by Decorworx staff to take on the shape and content of their choosing. This was all to be accomplished developed on WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS).


Some of the more prominent features of the site are the anti-hero banner, the flyout menu, and the two-column layout.

The anti-hero image is a play on (or against, rather) the trend of placing a “hero” image at the top of each page. To immediately convey something different, we did the exact opposite, placing instead a blank field with the logo at the top. Bold and beautiful images are found in abundance below.


The flyout menu, something that has become familiar to visitors from mobile websites, allows for a more complex navigation structure to be hidden. This method emphasizes the content of the page. The site was designed such that one could navigate anywhere they desired without the assistance of the menu. Though certainly not required this organic path allows for the Decorworx story to unfold more completely.

The two-column layout was a mixed blessing-curse. While on the one hand it is an uncommon look that helps the site stand apart, on the other hand it is technically quite difficult to accomplish. Many variations on the theme had to be designed to accommodate different page layouts. Through a lot of code wrangling it works beautifully, and the result proved to be worth the effort.

One does not endeavor to build a website for interior designers without soberly considering the responsibility of such a task. Fortunately in this case, it was also a great pleasure.

Website Design for Interior Designers
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