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Web Interactive Rendering of Industrial Site

One of the most exciting frontiers for 3D visualization is the web. We previously demonstrated with our Interactive Solar System the power of the web browser in the hands of talented 3D artists and web developers. What we’ve put together here is an application of this same technology for architects, engineers, and builders. This web interactive rendering of industrial bulk storage from Dome Technology is presented in “Kiosk Mode” for a tradeshow exhibit. Try it out!

Web interactive renderings benefit from the broad compatibility enjoyed by web technologies on all devices. That means that an interactive rendering can serve as a presentation on touchscreen displays at a tradeshow, on a tablet computer during a sales presentation, and as part of a company’s traditional website. No interactive visualization medium takes the work of architects, engineers, and builders more places.

This is a demonstration of capabilities unique to a firm like Dijt, with its depth in both 3D rendering and web development. Be sure to contact us to learn more about how we can help you sell your work and ideas to more people in more places using the cutting-edge in web interaction and 3D visualization.

Web Interactive Rendering of Industrial Site
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