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A Simply Better Custom Web Catalog

Deliver the information in as few steps as possible. That’s the ideology that drove this custom web catalog designed for the modern furniture distributor STIR, and what distinguishes their catalog from the many others that clutter the internet.

Prior to working with Dijt, STIR had a website like that of many others. It was essentially an online brochure. Because of the online catalog built on WordPress for Design Source, an industry peer in Salt Lake City, saw the potential to create a website that delivered actual value to their clients. At the center of this value was a custom web catalog that would enable their clients to see what specific options are available within specific categories and price ranges.


STIR’s clients are primarily interior designers and architects, or the people selling ideas to them. The aesthetic of the products being sold are critical, so the results needed to convey this visual information rapidly, but allow for deeper immersion into the details as appropriate. Because images originate from a variety of manufacturers, the layout needed to gracefully accommodate photos of different sizes and aspect ratios.

The end result was a site that accomplishes all of these requirements. As of writing STIR is populating this catalog in preparation for an exciting launch. We look forward to updating this article with a link as soon as they do!

A Simply Better Custom Web Catalog
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