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Must Have Resources for Web Designers and Developers – 2015

Across the vast internet there are a huge number of resources for web developers. These are just a few we use on a regular basis and think every web designer should be aware of. Take a look and see if there are any here that are new to you. See something missing that you think belongs on here? We’d love to here about it in the comments.


Want to see how people are pushing the boundaries of web design and development? This is a good place to start. You may not have the time, budget, skills or freedom to do some of the stuff you’ll see here, but it can probably help you break your thinking out of the mold. If there are other sites that do the same for you, mention them in the comments.

Visit Awwwards.


A List Apart

If you design and/or develop websites, this is a good place to keep up-to-date on the latest thinking and best practices in the industry. The blog doesn’t put out a lot of articles, so it’s worth checking every couple months or so.

Visit A List Apart.



If you want tips on creating good, clean, semantic code then this blog is a good place to start. It is more hands-on and less cerebral than A List Apart. Follow a blog with pragmatic tips for creating good code? Let us know in the comments.

Visit CSS-Tricks.


Can I Use …

If only all browsers immediately adopted all standards in the same way, alas they don’t, which is why this site comes in handy when you want to know if Internet Explorer is going to crash your coding party.

Visit Can I Use ….



If you want to test small Javascript ideas in a quick and easy to use testing sandbox then this is a great resource. You can also glean some inspiration from the work others share on the site. Alternatives include JSFiddle, JS Bin, and Dabblet, among others.

Visit CodePen.


Dirty Markup

If your obsessive-compulsive disorder compels you to properly tabulate all of your code, then you will sing praises to Dirty Markup. It’s just a great site for cleaning your code up, and if your markup customarily looks like crap, then please stick it in here, push the button, and reduce the angst the rest of us feel when we have to look at it.

Visit Dirty Markup.


Type Scale

We all know we should be using em’s to scale text instead of px’s. Here is a place that can help you set up your font sizes in em’s and see how different web fonts render at these scales quickly and easily.

Visit Type Scale.


Aspect Ratio Calculator

Yes, we know we should be able to imagine the division tables in our minds and do the math with a simple calculator, but if you are just feeling lazy then use this tool instead.

Visit Aspect Ratio Calculator.


Must Have Resources for Web Designers and Developers – 2015
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