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Dijt was introduced to Leisure Living at a time when their trust in web developers was very low, having been unable to achieve what they had hoped for with a previous service provider. Their unique vision for a website composed of mosaic tiles of product imagery and lifestyle shots presented no small challenge. Marrying their recognizable brand with a more modern aesthetic was additionally complicated. Fortunately Dijt was glad to take these challenges on in the process of rebuilding their website from scratch.





The diversity of product image sizes and quality was the first great challenge for the Leisure Living website, but with experience Dijt was able to help optimize the images for display on the web and create a layout that would make the most of the imagery available. Beyond just displaying the inventory available at Leisure Living, Dijt identified a significant failing of the previous site being the unfilled gap between online browsing and in-store purchasing. For this reason a shopping list was integrated, along with other easy methods for connecting with sales staff, to help the site feed in-store visits and conversions. Ultimately Leisure Living was greatly pleased at receiving what they had hoped for, and the additional ideas brought by the Dijt team to help them succeed online.

Outdoor Furniture Catalog Powered by WordPress
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