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Not Just Another Apartment Website

If most apartment websites had a celebrity personality, it would probably be Martha Stewart. This won’t do for a college-age men’s apartment building under construction near BYU-Idaho. That’s why this website would need to be like none you will have ever seen before. With its in-house web design and 3D rendering capabilities, and seasoned marketing experience, Dijt was up to the task.


The challenge faced by Sweetwater Properties when it approached Dijt is not unique. They needed to sell leases in a building that was still being designed. Fortunately the design was far enough along for the 3D artists at Dijt to get started from two-dimensional drawings.

Whereas an architect is selling a building, a building owner is selling the experience of living in that building. For this reason a view was selected that would maximize the opportunity to show the liveliness of the complex. The process started with a massing model, and evolved to include textures and then final rendering and compositing.


Every apartment website has a floor plan. Unfortunately floor plans are difficult for normal people to understand. A unique feature of the website is a WebGL-based 3D floor plan. This provides information in a way that is unique, helping the complex to feel more progressive, but also practical. Our brains are wired to understand the world in three-dimensions. Why not communicate spaces that way?

When completed the site hit on all of the important notes for the client, and that within a very reasonable budget. The Brigham’s Mill Apartments will not drown in a see of Martha-Stewart-inspired websites, and that is going to translate into higher occupancy from a generation who will notice the difference.

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Not Just Another Apartment Website
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