Hypocrisy and Why You Should Subscribe

You may have noticed that many of the old posts on this blog had more to do with Dijt than the problems you face as a marketer. That's about to change.

We were hypocrites

I've often found myself reminding clients that it's no fun having a conversation with people who only talk about themselves, and the same goes for business interactions. But as it turns out, on our blog at least, we haven't been following our own advice. The reason? We became distracted by selling instead of serving.

Let's talk about you

Perhaps, like many marketers, you were promoted into your role without any formal training. Maybe you have the degree, but are eager to refine your skills. Perhaps you're just a small business owner wearing too many hats and trying to make ends meet. Whatever your background we're assuming that you're here because you're hungry for ideas on how to reach more people and make more from the products you do sell. If so, we know we can help.

No strings attached

We could try to help you by selling you services, but there are only so many you's out there we could help that way. Forgetting that is where we went wrong before. Instead our aim here is to offer as much knowledge as we can freely. This allows us to score a much greater ROI for humanity. So whatever your marketing background we invite you to subscribe and promise to keep the content of this site relevant to you.

Maybe someday you'll need professional creative services, but if that day never comes, we'll consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to help you anyway!

Hypocrisy and Why You Should Subscribe
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