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A Modern Online Catalog Built on WordPress

Representing some of the top names in the modern furniture industry is no small task. Bringing hundreds of products together and making them easy to search, save, and share, was an even greater task. With this unique, but important mission, Dijt was brought on to create the website for the highly respected firm, Design Source.


The modern aesthetic of Design Source and its product lines was a natural match for Dijt, but many details of the website requirements posed challenges. Not the least of these challenges, was creating a fast, filtering engine that would allow account managers, interior designers, and architects to quickly (and visually) sort through a very large catalog of products. Another challenge was grappling with the unpredictable scale and quality of manufacturer photos. The unique solutions Dijt brought to bear on these problems thoroughly pleased the client and created a site with refinement matched by few others.

This is an online catalog built on WordPress. WordPress website design is a staple service provided by Dijt because it allows clients to easily modify and add to the content of their own site without any in-house programming capabilities. A future custom web catalog built for an industry peer referred to Dijt by Design Source bears many similar features, but with a few enhancements of their own. With this site Design Source has been able to create a site that distinguishes them from any of their regional competitors, while make the work of the sales staff easier.

A Modern Online Catalog Built on WordPress
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