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A Model Lead Generation Website

There is no secret to creating fantastic lead generation websites. That being said, they do require thoughtfulness, technical know-how, and a commitment to the effort. This effort has paid off for Dome Technology, who has contracted Dijt to make a series of improvements to their web presence, which has since led to an estimated 20x increase in leads generated online. To accomplish this their site does three things very well:

  • It serves valuable content on an ongoing basis
  • It personalizes website and email messages to their audience
  • It bridges the gap between sales and marketing


Serving Valuable Content on an Ongoing Basis

Search engine optimization (SEO) operates on a relatively simple principle. Google will only continue to be used inasmuch as it serves genuinely valuable and relevant content to queries. If you want to rank high on Google, there is no sustainable alternative to creating genuinely valuable and relevant content. While there are certainly technical considerations beyond this, most businesses never get that far because they never commit the time and effort to create, and continue to create, this kind of content on their website.

In this regard Dome Technology has done exceptionally well. Their site is expansive, containing a growing body of case studies, articles, and news. This came at an early stage by contracting Dijt to create this content, and later by hiring an in-house copywriter. This effort has truly paid dividends, as there are search result pages where they appear five times. Much traffic comes from this very simple effort, to serve valuable content on an ongoing basis.

Personalizing Website and Email Messages

Dome Technology truly has a one-of-a-kind lead generation website. Among its unique features is that it does not require visitors to sift through the content of the site, filtering out relevant information from irrelevant, as do most sites. Instead it prompts users to express their interest, and adapts the content of the site to those interests. That includes general messaging, banner images, calls to actions, case studies, and sales contacts. This is especially important in a business serving clients with dramatically different needs. To each is a website custom catered for conversion.

In addition to personalizing the site, when an individual registers on the site they will be automatically served emails with content specifically related to the industry they’ve specified. These emails are served automatically each month. All Dome Technology needs to do is populate the site with content, specify the interests areas that content relates to, and let automation do the rest.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing depend upon each other, but it often seems that these two faces of the same effort struggle to complement each other. The lead generation website built by Dijt for Dome Technology is designed to thoughtfully bring these two worlds together.

In addition to the content freely available on the site, some higher-value content requires an account to access. When a visitor registers for this account, not only are they assigned an appropriate sales contact based upon their location and industry, but a notice is sent to the sales manager notifying them of the activity. From thence forward, that individual’s activities are measured, and the sales manager notified of each opportunity to reach out and initiate contact. There is no handoff from marketing to sales, at the point an individual wants to talk to someone, but an ongoing collaboration to nurture interested leads to that point.


Much more could be said about this ground-breaking lead generation website. It has been among the most ambitious and reward projects Dijt has been involved with, and it would not have been possible without the incredible commitment and effort from the team at this fantastic organization.

A Model Lead Generation Website
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