Dijt is now Freehive

In 2010, we were first known by the name G86. This name represented a particular time when I was young. I needed a similar, childlike optimism in starting my first business alone, in the middle of a recession, with little cash and no safety net. In 2014, we had grown significantly. We needed a name that would mean something to the entire team and together we selected Dijt. This signified our collective aspiration to push into the more experimental frontiers of digital creativity. Now, in 2018, with our transformation into a global collaboration of creative professionals and with an expanded vision, the time to change our name has come again. I am excited to introduce you to Freehive.

Freehive: Expanded Vision

We are no longer satisfied doing excellent work alone. Our mission is to multiply the good we can accomplish while doing so. Here is how:

  1. Liberate Markets. Competition is vital to the proper function of markets. Our focus is to bring the same caliber insight and creativity to the "underdogs" as to the largest brands being served by others.
  2. Free Creatives. Many creative professionals are not aware of any alternative to subscription-based software that they are increasingly dependent upon it. By demonstrating the viability of community-guided, free and open-source software we will ensure that those who want an alternative may always have one and no one is ever shut out from a creative profession for lack of money to pursue one.
  3. Unleash Knowledge. The advances made possible by the internet age demonstrate the merits of openness. We aim to reject our own automatic impulses to treat knowledge as a limited resource and to regard everyone as competitors. Instead we will regularly and without conditions share the insights we gain.

Freehive: Unlocked Talent

For almost a year we have tested the viability of completing creative projects as a team operating remotely from around the world. In doing so we've been able to:

  1. Remain accessible to our clients and informed about their ongoing needs;
  2. Continue to provide the strategic insight and strong creative direction that yield the greatest results;
  3. Draw upon unique talent and expertise outside of our metropolitan area;
  4. Scale to accomplish larger projects and meet shorter deadlines.

This model requires a significant amount of internal management. The many benefits to our clients have made it worth the effort. Never before have we been equipped to meet the complex challenges our clients face with such an impressive body of passion, experience, and talent. As we continue to grow and improve, the benefits will only increase.

Now what?

An email clarifying some of the administrative considerations of this change will be sent out soon. We appreciate your patience as we work to consolidate around the new branding. We hope you'll come to appreciate the expanded vision and strengthened capabilities embodied in our new name. Welcome to Freehive.

Dijt is now Freehive
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